Seedling Instructions

The Plan:

The seedling needs to be in sync with the seasons, protected from predators and nurtured.

The Place:

When the seedling is still in the container it should be kept in a cool place with access to sunshine.

If the seedling is to be planted, be sure it is watered and immediately surrounded by protective wiring.  It may be planted temporarily to gain strength for two or three years before placing the Hobson Oak in its permanent location.


Small oaks are tasty treats. Rabbits and other herbivores in your yard would love to snack on this new addition.

Place a cage over the tree with the tree roughly in the center. Make sure the smaller holes in the fencing are closest to the ground.  Fasten the cage securely to the ground using four landscape staples.  Place staple over bottom rung of the fencing and press firmly into the ground. You may need to temporarily move mulch from under fence during installation.